About Cognitus



Cognitus is a center for data science training, consultancy, and research & development based in Paris . The company aims to build top quality data science experts and also to develop next generation innovative solutions to solve complex problems related to Big Data and tackle data-oriented challenges. The company offers high-quality training and consultancy services to corporate and academic clients and a wide range of services to its industrial clients including banks, telecom companies, logistics providers, and public service organizations. Cognitus conduct joint research activities in collaboration with universities and research institutes in France, Brazil, Ireland and Lebanon.


Big Data is leading the world to data-driven economy. It is changing the technology landscape which is demanding a new class of experts. Our vision is to create a new generation of experts and prepare them by enhancing their skills in data science theory and technologies so that they can lead future data-driven economy. We also envisioned to become a leading centre for data science service and research and development in France.


We are committed to deliver high-quality training services using the most effective teaching methods so that our trainees learn scientific concepts and techniques of data processing and analysis and also they gain hands-on knowledge of how to build data products. We are highly motivated to conduct top quality research and produce novel techniques and tools that will enable users to tackle Big Data challenges.


We provide a wide range of exceptional services regarding Big Data Science training and consultancy. We offer Cognitus Massive Open Online Courses (CMOOC) – an e-learning platform for training data science courses, a virtual lab for gaining hands-on skills, a digital library, and a web-based intelligent platform which will be available at 24/7 to answer questions related to courses. We assist our participants to choose their courses. For our enterprise clients, we offer various services services including building data science project, piloting the end products, and managing Big Data ecosystem. Visit our services to know more detail.

Our Specialities

      • The Cognitus course framework is built upon three pillars: Concepts, Techniques and Technologies. Therefore, by the end of the course, the participants will gain solid theoretical foundation and practical experience on Big data technologies.
      • We provide training with real-world use cases so that our participants gain the ability to employ their knowledge effectively in their workplace.
      • We provide the Cognitus Massive Open Online Courses (CMOOC) – an e-learning platform for distant/remotely located participants.
      • We offer the virtual lab for hands-on training such as writing codes in Java, R, Scala, deploying applications in a scalable infrastructure, and testing them with a dataset.
      • For problem solvers, we provide industrial problems to increase their efficiency and competency rating.
      • Cognitus provides an unlimited access to a digital library which has a plenitude of resources related to data science including datasets, codes, articles, books, and tools.
      • Our experts are from academia and therefore they have an impressive track record in teaching.
      • We are a consultancy house with dedicated experts who have decades of experience working with data, and many other tools and technologies of computer science such as machine learning, Internet of Things, service oriented computing, cloud computing, data mining, data warehouse etc.
      • We assist our participants in profiling their expertise and customizing or selecting courses based on that.
      • We assist our participants in building their portfolio which helps them to find jobs.