Nassim Cheaib (CEO & Co-Founder)

Mr. Nassim is a highly experienced information technology expert. He has been working as a technology consultant for more than one and half decade. Until today he worked for different companies including software provider and bank. He was mainly responsible for managing projects ranging from small to large scale. He has proven track record of managing Big Data projects, building data lab, and competency center. In Cognitus, he leads and manages the development teams and also administers the operational activities.


Dr. Rafiqul Haque (CTO & Co-Founder)

Rafiqul Haque holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and Information System from University of Limerick, Ireland. His research areas include Data Analytics, Distributed Database, Scalable and Distributed Computing, Service Oriented Computing (SOC) and Cloud Computing. Over the years, Dr. Rafiqul developed novel techniques/algorithms for optimising the performance of data-centric solution in a scalable architecture. He worked with various data science tools & techniques. He developed solutions for real-time analysis with streaming data, efficient partition of massive scale data, and smart distribution of data to a large cluster.

Dr. Rafiqul worked in various areas of computer science for almost 10 years in different academia and research centers in different countries including Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, and France. Some notable organizations/research centers he worked so far include, Laboratoire Hubert Curien, SAP Research Lab, Lero – the Irish Software Engineering Research Center, Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systemes’information (LIRIS), European Research Institute of Service Science (ERISS), and GRCTC Ireland. He worked in several projects funded by European Union, Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR). He published several articles in conferences and journals sponsored by IEEE, ACM, and Springer. He was invited speaker in a number of seminars, symposiums, forums, and conferences.



Prof. Mohand Said Hacid


Dr. Noel Caroll


Dr. Liliana Pasquale


Dr. Naila Bouchemal


Dr.Marija Milojevic Jevric


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Dr. Beatrice Finance