Prof. Dr. Mohand-Said Hacid is a full professor of Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 and the director of Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information. His research deals with the design, implementation, and convenient utilization of formalisms and inference techniques capable of improving the level of abstraction in designing advanced information systems. His research areas include integration of knowledge representation formalisms and reasoning techniques for novel applications such as Web services, semantic Web, data security and massive data management. Prof. Said published several research papers in various conference and journals.


Prof. Salima Benbernou is a member of LIPADE laboratory and GFD (Data Management and mining group) group where she leads the database team. Her research interests include privacy and security, social network, and cloud computing etc. She lead various projects including SquarePredict (2013-2016): Privacy aware and inconsistant data study in Big data analysis for Insurance application, BrainShare (2012-2013): Collaborative framework for health data, and Security on the cloud: privacy preserving business process fragment provenance for reuse. Prof. Salima published several articles in various conference and journals. She teaches different courses such as databases, privacy, and security.


Dr. Béatrice Finance is an associate professor in Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin and a member of DAVID research lab . In July 2006, she received the “habilitation à diriger des recherches” from the University of Versailles on the theme “Transparent and Secure access to largely distributed data ». Her research interests include advanced databases, distributed query optimization, privacy and access control, mediation systems and stream data management systems. She is responsible for the course  » data management in the Internet of Things » in the master DATASCALE (Data management in the Digital World) at the university Paris-Sacaly. She has more than 30 publications in international conferences and journals. She also serves on several program committees in France and internationally.

Dr. Liliana Pasquale is a lecturer and research fellow at University College Dublin and Lero (Ireland) since June 2016. She received her PhD in Information and Communication Technology from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in 2011 and I was summer intern at IBM TJ Watson Research Center (USA) in 2008. Her research interests include requirements engineering and adaptive systems. In particular, her works are focused on using runtime requirements models to engineer complex systems, including service compositions and multi-tenant services, cyber-physical systems, mobile device management software and more generally systems aimed to satisfy their security and privacy requirements and to be forensically ready.

Dr. Naila Bouchemal is currently working at ALTRAN Research / ALTRAN technology. Two major areas that she is working include Internet of Things and Smart Cities. She collaborates with international industrial partners and academia. Dr. Naila obtained a PhD degree in computer science from Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin . In her PhD, she developed a system which is built upon robust and efficient Quality of Service, resource allocation mechanisms, and cross-layer optimization methods. During her PhD, she contributed to different collaborative projects that include partners from industries and academia. Before joining Altran Dr, Naila worked as a teaching assistant/research associate in Versailles University. She is a member of technical program in IEEE/IFIP UMITS and NTIC 2015 .

Dr Marija Milojevic Jevric is a Research Associate at Imperial College London, working at Intel Collaborative Research Institute (ICRI) for Sustainable Connected Cities. She is a part of AESE group, Imperial College London, working on Urban Wide IoT Systems project, as well as on European H2020 project Organicity. Marija received her PhD in Applied Mathematics, and prior to this position, she was a Research Fellow at Trinity College Dublin, School of Computer Science and Statistics, group for Future cities: Smart and Suistanable Cities. Marija’s research interests are Internet of Things (IoT), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), middleware for IoT, Smart cities and Future cities applications.


Dr Noel Carroll Department of Computer Science & Information Systems, University of Limerick, is a Research Fellow at the Applied Research for Connected Health (ARCH) Technology Centre. He is the Data lead within ARCH. His research focus is on healthcare software systems and innovation management. He explores various techniques to assess and visualise the impact of technology on healthcare service networks and seeking novel methods to effectively communicate healthcare service process change. Dr. Carroll works on various aspects of Connected Health such as healthcare innovation evaluation, medical device regulation and decision support systems. He has over 40 publications in refereed journals and conferences and book chapters. Dr. Carroll also contributed to EU projects.



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