Build Data Science Project

Building a data science project needs expertise in different areas which include machine learning, statistical modelling, database designing, data warehousing, scalable infrastructure, distributed computing, mathematics, and so on. It needs an extensive research of business needs, and existing infrastructure of an organization. The challenges of implementing data science projects should be outlined, and required maintenance cost and effort should be realized in advance. The potential gain of competitive advantage must be understood, and the return of investment (ROI) should be studied. The simulation of a scenario provides better visibility of all such things.

What we do?

      • We carry out an extensive study with different aspects of client’s business and technical infrastructure.
      • We study the specific requirements supplied by clients.
      • We prepare a project specification based on our study.
      • We prepare a use case demonstrating an end-to-end scenario of the project which includes data acquisition in realtime or in batch, data processing, analysis, and visualizaton.
      • We conduct a feasibility study with machine learning and data mining techniques, algorithms, statistical methods, and Big Data technologies.
      • We produce a complete report containing the details of the entire lifecycle of the project, required methods, technologies, and the challenges.


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