Banking and finance is one of the data-heavy sectors. Millions of transactions happens in every minute; each of these transactions is a nugget of data which means banking industry sits on a gigantic volume of data. Analysing these data provides a massive opportunity to stand out from the competition. By using data science, banks can collect data from multiple sources and scenarios, model their client’s financial performance, and perform analysis to drive sales, boosting retention, improving service, identifying needs, and strengthening risks management such as fraud detection. We offer various service to our clients. We assist in setting data science project, identifying technical requirements, building Big Data infrastructure for deploying and running applications, migrating data from classical banking databases to data lake, and piloting projects. We work in agile by involving our clients in service delivery process. Contact us for further information!


Smart City

Internet of Things (IoT) has led significant changes to technology landscape. It has fostered a hyper-connected ecosystem where people, object, devices are connected to each other via the Internet. It has given rise to some ground breaking notions specifically smart city which is causing a paradigm shift i.e., digitalization of urban life driven by IoT devices, and objects. IoT is transforming (once) fictitious “smart city” into reality, and this market is growing rapidly which may reach to trillion dollar by 2020. We offer technology services to our clients to collect sensor data, curating and wrangling them in real-time, and storing them in data lake. We also assist in piloting the analytical solutions for smart transportation, crime mapping, smart car parking, smart building etc. Contact us for further information!



Telecom companies are sitting on gold mine as they have massive amount of data. In order to gain insight into the avalanche of data, the telecom service providers require to combine efficiently the structured and unstructured data, and a proper digging and analysis of both internal and external data. Big Data has enormous potential to place telecom service providers in a prime position to win the battle of customers and create new revenue system. However, a plenty of providers still struggle to exploit the full potential of Big Data and reap the benefits. We offer services to our telecom clients in preparing and managing data science projects. We offer end-to-end project management framework for defining, building, piloting, and managing data science projects. Contact us for further information!



Logistics is a potential sector to benefit from technological and methodological advancement of Big Data which could be the game changer for the logistics industry. The advancement of technologies may revolutionize the operational systems of this sector. The service providers can use internal and external customer data to gain insights on pricing strategies, optimization strategies, improving services, and develop innovative services. Cognitus offers technical services to its logistics clients. We provide technical, methodological, and strategical support to build and deploy Big Data products on top of running technical ecosystem of our clients. We assist in discovering useful data, collecting them, processing and analyse to extract actionable insights. Contact us for further information!