Information System Security

Security is one of the key concerns in data-intensive information systems such as Big Data analytics. A significant number of enterprises still consider that the vulnerability of information system in terms of security could be a serious a threat and thus they consider it a barrier. Several approaches exist that could be used to deal the security issues. This course covers concepts, algorithms, and technologies related to information security. The course includes a detailed description of various security systems that can be used by the enterprises. During the course a simulation of a real-world scenario of information security system will be presented and discussed.

Course Objectives

  • Present the state of the art of infomratios security.
  • Specification languages of security policies and audit approaches will be detailed.
  • The inclusion of security policies by a database management system (verification during polling) will be explored.
  • Address one of the most recurring problems in information systems, namely, the problem of inference (bypass security policies by exploiting the data dependencies), especially in distributed data contexts and data integration

What is in it for the Participants?

  • Learning fundamental concepts, and security algorithms.
  • Learning the information system security technologies
  • Learning various policies that can guarantee a secured data-intensive information system
  • Being able to implement security policies in data intensive information system