Introduction to Big Data

Big Data is a paradigm that has led to the development of new technologies, and methodologies to manage massive-scale data with high-speed and variety, and build data-intensive scalable applications. It is enormously promising for industries of almost all types such as, smart manufacturing, public service, logistics, retail, healthcare, and finance. However, industries must overcome a list of barriers to adopt Big Data. In addition, building solutions using Big Data technologies can be highly challenging for organizations. This course offers an introduction of Big Data, provides in-depth knowledge of its promises in different industrial sectors, provides a closer look into the Big Data technology ecosystem, outlines the business values of Big Data, and explains the essence of managing a Big Data project.

Course Objectives

  • Provide an in-depth introduction of Big Data.
  • Explain the needs of Big Data Analytics with use cases of different industrial sectors
  • Provide a detailed overview of how Big Data will change the operational and strategic landscape of an organization.
  • Describe the merits of Big Data in business, specifically how Big Data will help gaining competitive advantage, and Return of Investment (ROI).
  • Discuss the changes led by Big Data to organizational landscape.
  • Discuss challenges and barriers to adopt Big Data.
  • Provide guidelines to manage a Big Data project.

What is in it for the Participants?

  • Gaining a deep and wide understanding of Big Data specially why it is needed in different sectors.
  • Gaining an intensive knowledge about the impact of Big Data in organizations including competitive advantage, and the ROI.
  • Obtaining a clear understanding of when to adopt Big Data technologies.
  • Learning the Big Data technology ecosystem.
  • Learning the requirements to build a Big Data team and manage a Big Data project.