Research Engineer/Scientist

Cognitus is announcing a fully functional entry level position for the candidates who has recently completed Ph.D. or about to defend their Ph.D. thesis in the area of computer science. Cognitus is a research and development company located in Paris. The company is specialized in Big Data Analytics, High performance computing, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. Cognitus collaborates with national and international research and industrial projects in these areas. Cognitus has highly skilled R&D team and collaborates with prominent individual researchers, research institutes, and universities.

Academic Qualification

(i) Ph.D. or equivalent

General Characteristics of the candidates

(i) The candidate must be able to conduct research and development activities independently.
(ii) She/he must be very good critical thinking.
(iii) She/he be able to produce innovative product ideas.
(iv) The candidate should be proficient in delivering data science courses.
(v) She/he must be fluent in English and French.
(vi) The candidate must be an excellent team player.
(vii) The candidate must be legal French resident.

Required Skills

(i) The candidate must be very strong in machine learning and deep learning.
(ii) She/he must be highly proficient in Python programming.
(iii) The candidate must have outstanding knowledge in Big Data ecosystem.
(iv) The candidate must be highly proficient in Hadoop/MapReduce.
(v) She/he must be proficient in Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Zookeeper, Streamsets Data Collector.
(vi) She/he must be excellent in one or more of the machine learning libraries:, Apache Mahout, and MLib.
(vii) She/he must be proficient in visualization technology Kibana.
(viii) The candidate must be highly proficient working in Linux environment.
(ix) The candidate must be exceptionally well in preparing tutorials.

Typical duties and responsibilities

(i) Manage industrial and academic projects of moderate size and scope.
(ii) Feasibility study of goals and objectives.
(iii) State of the art review and identify limitation of existing industrial and research tools.
(iv) Identifies problems and related technical issues leading to long-term, generic solutions.
(v) Develop innovative solution.
(vi) Implement proof of concept.
(vii) Design and develop data science courses.
(viii) Deliver data science courses in French and English.

Language Requirement

  • The candidate must be excellent in speaking English. The candidate must be good in French and basic Arabic is preferred.

Required Traveling

  • The candidate shall spend 30% time outside of France, mostly in middle-eastern and African countries for missions.

If you are interested to this position and fulfill above requirements then upload your CV and a cover letter.

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