With CNRS Lebanon Cognitus organised an International Seminar in Lebanon

04, 21, 2017
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An international seminar was held in Grand Serail, Beirut, Lebanon lately. The seminar was organized by CNRS Lebanon , Lebanese atomic energy commission , and Cognitus – A French Data Science Research and Development Center. The seminar was heavily supported by the prime minister’s office of Lebanon. The main purpose of the seminar was to identify potential use of Big Data in different sectors of Lebanon. However, the public sector was given a special importance to find out how Big Data can help the Lebanese government to improve various public services provided by different agencies.

The seminar was inaugurated by Dr. Bilal Nsouli, the director of LAEC. In his welcoming speech, Dr. Nsouli emphasised the dire need of finding the use Big Data in Lebanon and promote the data driven economy in Lebanon. For two days, the speakers – who were invited from different countries including the USA, France, Ireland, and England – presented all the critical aspects of Big Data and Cybersecurity. The participants from different ministries, educational institutes attended the seminar with an outstanding enthusiasm. The speakers demonstrated how to leverage the power of Big data in different industrial sectors and reap maximum benefits such as gaining competitive advantage and increasing revenue. They also showed how better governance capabilities can be attained by using Big Data and can provide better services to the citizen of a state. Also, the speakers stressed the need of securing information being stolen and abused by a large number of adversaries who are very much active all over the globe. During the seminar, the two panel sessions were extremely animated by a long-running discussion between the speakers and the audiences. Several critical issues were discussed, challenges were identified, and potentialities were consolidated and planned to implemented in near future. In the final session, some important decisions were made to promote Big Data in Lebanon.

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